16 May 2017

Aurore Coince is the new Managing Editor for Annals of Forest Science

Aurore obtained her PhD in Plant and Forest Biology in 2013 from Université de Lorraine, France. She conducted her research at Inra in the field of forest microbial ecology. She returns to Inra Grand Est-Nancy after having spent
16 May 2017

Optimal sap-flux sensor allocation for stand transpiration estimates: A non-dimensional analysis

  Measuring between-tree variations in sap flux density rather than azimuthal variations should be prioritized for reliable stand transpiration estimates based on sap flux methods. Abstract Stand transpiration (E) estimated using sap flux methods includes uncertainty induced
17 Apr 2017

The effect of surface fire on tree ring growth of Pinus radiata trees

Pinus radiata trees showed significantly reduced basal area increments and increased latewood/earlywood ratios, when their stem was charred by surface fires even if no needle damage occurred. An interaction of fire damage and precipitation on growth was
17 Apr 2017

Quantifying micro-environmental variation in tropical rainforest understory at landscape scale by combining airborne LiDAR scanning and a sensor network

We combined aerial LiDAR and ground sensors to map the spatial variation in micro-environmental variables of the tropical forest understory. We show that these metrics depend on forest type and proximity to canopy gaps. Our study has
17 Apr 2017

Recent growth changes in Western European forests are driven by climate warming and structured across tree species climatic habitats

Recent growth changes (1980–2007) in Western European forests strongly vary across tree species, and range from +42% in mountain contexts to −17% in Mediterranean contexts. These changes reveal recent climate warming footprint and are structured by species’
27 Mar 2017

Quantifying competition in white spruce (Picea glauca) plantations.

In mixed forest plantations in sub-boreal forests with high levels of natural regeneration ingrowth, competition must be quantified differently for each species, with distant-independent indices working better for the planted species and distant-dependent indices for ingrown balsam
27 Mar 2017

A critical analysis of methods for rapid and nondestructive determination of wood density in standing trees

Field methods for rapid determination of wood density in trees have evolved from increment borer, torsiometer, Pilodyn, and nail withdrawal into sophisticated electronic tools of resistance drilling measurement. A partial resistance drilling approach coupled with knowledge of
13 Mar 2017


  Cattle grazing and overstory cover restrict understory growth and interact in shaping the understory community structure in Mediterranean conifer plantations.     Abstract Understanding how silvicultural manipulations drive understory structure and function in Mediterranean pine plantations
9 Mar 2017

Forward selection in a maritime pine polycross progeny trial using pedigree reconstruction

Molecular markers were used for paternity recovery in a maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) polycross trial, facilitating forward selection. Different breeding strategies for seed orchard establishment were evaluated by comparing genetic gains and diversity. This work opens
9 Mar 2017

Modelling wood formation and structure: power and limits of a morphogenetic gradient in controlling xylem cell proliferation and growth

The emergence of the characteristic tree-ring pattern during xylogenesis is commonly thought to be controlled by a gradient of morphogen (auxin, TDIF peptide…). We show that this hypothesis accounts for several developmental aspects of wood formation, but