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16 May 2019

Opportunities and challenges for an Indonesian forest monitoring network

Permanent sampling plots (PSPs) are a powerful and reliable methodology to help our understanding of the diversity and dynamics of tropical forests. Based on the current inventory of PSPs in Indonesia, there is high potential to establish
10 May 2019

Implementing forest landscape restoration under the Bonn Challenge: a systematic approach

There is no one-size-fits-all way to successfully implement forest landscape restoration (FLR). Complex socio-ecological systems present challenges and opportunities that can best be met with a systematic framework for designing, planning, steering, and monitoring FLR projects to
9 May 2019

On the need to consider wood formation processes in global vegetation models and a suggested approach

Dynamic global vegetation models are key tools for interpreting and forecasting the responses of terrestrial ecosystems to climatic variation and other drivers. They estimate plant growth as the outcome of the supply of carbon through photosynthesis. However,
7 May 2019

Forest adaptation to climate change—is non-management an option?

Climate change is posing a considerable challenge to foresters. The intensity of required adaptive measures and the relevance of old-growth forests as benchmark for managed forests are debated. Forest managers need to make decisions on stand treatment
23 Dec 2018

The recurrent evolution of extremely resistant xylem

Highly resistant xylem has evolved multiple times over the past 400 million years. Scott A M MacAdam & Amanda A Cardoso Water is transported under tension in xylem and consequently is vulnerable to invasion by air and
3 Jul 2018

Managing tree species diversity and ecosystem functions through coexistence mechanisms

A better transfer to managers of studies examining the functional role of tree species diversity would be achieved by explicitly addressing two missing links: the effect of management interventions on coexistence mechanisms and the relationships between coexistence
16 May 2018

Adaptive measures: integrating adaptive forest management and forest landscape restoration

Topical collection: Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change Adaptive Forest Management and Forest Landscape Restoration do not contradict – ecosystem integrity and health are benefits and central goals in both concepts, and thus can be integrated.
12 Feb 2017

Primordium initiation drives tree growth: Opinion paper by Ronald M Lanner

I have become increasingly convinced that this cycle is an entity so well integrated that it seems hardly possible to investigate or survey any of its parts successfully if they are separated from the whole (Sarvas 1974,
18 Sep 2016

Comparing close-to-nature silviculture with processes in pristine forests: lessons from Central Europe

Introduction The term close-to-nature silviculture already contains some ambiguity since (silvi) culture implies the act of forest use. This notion was coined a long time ago by well-known silviculturists (Gayer 1885; Engler 1905; Leibundgut 1943 and more)
25 Nov 2015

Putting floristic thermophilization in forests into a conservation biology perspective: beyond mean trait approaches

Opinion paper by Frédéric Gosselin, IRSTEA, frederic.gosselin@irstea.fr; UR EFNO, Domaine des Barres, F-45290 Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France Key message The use of mean characteristics of communities to infer absolute species variations may well constitute another “silent clash of paradigms” Austin