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19 Apr 2019

Variability of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) fruit traits impacting pine nut yield

Cone to pine nut yield (PY), an important commercial feature of stone pine cropping, was higher in Chile than in main producer countries. PY is highly variable along years and depends on pine nut number inside cones,
18 Apr 2019

Growth-mortality attributes and species composition determine carbon sequestration and dynamics of old stand types in the Acadian Forest of New Brunswick, Canada

We used 20 years of plot data to analyze the influence of tree growth-mortality balance and species mix on the potential of old stands to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store carbon. The study indicated that
17 Apr 2019

The conservation status assessment of Natura 2000 forest habitats in Europe: capabilities, potentials and challenges of national forest inventories data

There is a need to improve the consistency of international information concerning the conservation status assessment of the species and habitat types in the Natura 2000 reports. National Forest Inventories could contribute towards a more objective and
16 Apr 2019

Potential of remote sensing-based forest attribute models for harmonising large-scale forest inventories on regional level: a case study in Southwest Germany

Image-based 3D information can provide metrics for forest attribute modelling that are robust within the study region. This enables transferability of predictive models to other data sets of the same region without loss of accuracy. As a
15 Apr 2019

Mapping oak shoot browning in SW Spain using online imagery as virtual prospecting tool

Oak shoot browning is spatially widespread throughout the region of Extremadura (SW Spain) following an aggregative distribution pattern, with a much higher prevalence in cork than in holm oak. Context Shoot browning is considered a potential contributing
12 Apr 2019

Nitrogen addition accelerates the nitrogen cycle in a young subtropical Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) plantation

The nitrogen (N) cycle is likely to accelerate under future climate change. Leaf δ 15 N enrichment factor is an indicator of N status in young Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) plantation ecosystems. Given that N dynamics across the
11 Apr 2019

RegisTree: a registration algorithm to enhance forest inventory plot georeferencing

The accuracy of remote sensing-based models of forest attributes could be improved by controlling the spatial registration of field and remote sensing data. We have demonstrated the potential of an algorithm matching plot-level field tree positions with
10 Apr 2019

Are 40 years better than 55? An analysis of the reduction of forest rotation to cope with drought events in a Douglas fir stand

Reduction of forest rotation is analyzed as a potential adaptation strategy for a Douglas fir stand to cope with drought-induced risk of forest decline. The methodology combines a water balance modeling and an economic approach. Results show
9 Apr 2019

Validation of a CT knot detection algorithm on fresh Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) logs

A fully automated algorithm allowed knot detection and positioning on computed tomography (CT) images of Douglas-fir logs. The detection of knot diameter and status could benefit from further improvements, i.e., testing other configurations and implementing texture measures.
8 Apr 2019

Analysis of the occurrence of wildfires in the Iberian Peninsula based on harmonised data from national forest inventories

Every year, about 280,000 ha of forest area burn in the Iberian Peninsula. Both countries national forest inventories were harmonised to provide consistent results of the influence of forest stand structure on fire probability. Results show that