WDI members


Esther Dzalé yeumo Kaboré (INRA, France)

Richard Allan Fulss (CIMMYT, Mexico)


Alaux Michael (INRA, France)

Aubin Sophie (INRA, France)

Arnaud Elizabeth (Bioversity, France)

Baumann Ute (Adelaide Uni, Australia)

Buche Patrice (INRA, France)

Cooper Laurel (Planteome, USA)

Fulss Richard (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Hologne Odile (INRA, France)

Laporte Marie-Angélique (Bioversity, France)

Larmand Pierre (IRD, France)

Letellier Thomas (INRA, France)

Lucas Hélène (INRA, France)

Pommier Cyril (INRA, France)

Protonotarios Vassilis (Agroknow, Greece)

Quesneville Hadi (INRA, France)

Shrestha Rosemary (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Subirats Imma (FAO of the United Nations, Italy)

Aravind Venkatesan (IBC, France)

Whan Alex (CSIRO, Australia)

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